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Articles in journal «History and archeology»

Pulkin M.V. Православные приходы Прионежья в середине XIX в. (страницы конфессиональной истории вепсского народа)

№ 4 (12) April 2014

Articles in journal «Modern scientific researches and innovations»

Zegleev E.A. The philanthropy in the Vyatka province in the epoch the Napoleonic wars

April, 2014

Babayeva A.V., Shmeleva N.V. «Communist Christianity» as the stage of development of the social doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church

December, 2016

Участие Русской Православной церкви в экуменическом движении

October, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities scientific researches»

Valitov A.A.

May, 2012

Poznakhirev V.V. Eastern Orthodox monasteries... for Turkish prisoners of war

May, 2012

Балаклицький М.А. Протестантське книговидання в Україні: переклад як комунікація

November, 2012

Балаклицький М.А. Промоушн протестантської літератури в незалежній Україні

January, 2013

Балаклицкий М.А. Ограничения массовой коммуникации (на материале протестантских церквей Украины)

March, 2013

Balaklytskyi M.A. Slavic Bible translations: stories and fates

April, 2013

Pulkin M.V. Orthodox Parish: self-believers and the state control over religious life in the middle of the XVIII-early twentieth century

July, 2013

Pulkin M.V. «Zgorely house»: the Old Believers built for the self-immolations in the middle of the XVII-XVIII century

August, 2013

Moroz V.R. The concept of human’s dignity in the social teaching of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

January, 2014

Gres S.M., Grinkevitch N.S. Orthodox churches in Volozhin and Rakov (historical perspective)

March, 2014

Pulkin M.V. Orthodox parishes in North Karelia: ethnic and religious aspects of pastoral work (second half of XIX- beginning of XX century)

June, 2014

Balaklytskyi M.A. Church as transformation. Book Review: Zaitsev E. Without the past there is no future. Organizational and doctrinal history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

July, 2014

Balaklytskyi M.A. Preaching culture in the information society

March, 2015

Svechnikov V.S. "Leviathan" Zvyagintseva - artistic and social image of modern Russia

April, 2015

Gavrilova A.A. Private philanthropy in the Novgorod province (1861-1890)

October, 2016

Анализ реформы патриарха Никона и ее причин

November, 2017