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Sulimov Vadim Sergeevich
Tobolsk state social-pedagogical Academy. DI Mendeleev
candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of Economics, management and law

The article is devoted to secular schoolsTyumen in October 1905. The article considers the activities of students in the period of mourning for S.N. The Trubetskoy, and the announcement of the Manifesto of October 17. Participation in street demonstrations, meetings, the desire to change practices in schools, anti school or University administration revealed the desire of students to follow the path of democratization in the sphere of education. For certain reasons the activities of secular schoolsTyumen in the First Russian revolution was poorly investigated. The author will try to compensate this gap.

Keywords: a meeting, a Requiem real school, demonstration, secular school students, the Manifesto of October17, women's gymnasium

Article reference:
Sulimov V.S. Secular schools Tyumen in October 1905 // History and archeology. 2014. № 6 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://history.snauka.ru/en/2014/06/1067

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