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Gres Sergei Mikhailovich1, Ludco Paul Szymanowicz2
1Grodno state medical University, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor of social Sciences and Humanities
2Secondary school № 7 of Volkovysk, history teacher

History of the Bialowieza Forest in the history of the XIX century. very interesting. During this period it is not just undergoing conversion, the scene of hostilities.
The study of the topic, to date, is a hot topic of Belarusian history as Bialowieza Forest is a national treasure, not only of the Republic of Belarus, but also throughout Europe.
The aim is to study the Bialowieza Forest in the XIX century. Its place and role in the history of Belarus.
The work is based on archival materials from the collections of the National Historical Archive in Grodno, as well as on historical sources.

Article reference:
Gres S.M., Ludco P.S. Bialowieza Forest in the XIX century // History and archeology. 2015. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://history.snauka.ru/en/2015/02/1441

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