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Stavitsky Vladimir Vyacheslavovich1, Stavitsky Andrey Vladimirovich2
1Penza state university, Professor of the Department of General History, historiography and archeology
2Penza state university, Postgraduate student, Department of General History, historiography and archeology

The article deals with the breast plate plaques of Koshibeevsky burial, which have been chronological indicators. The early forms of plaques are presented by the decorations with a round hole and a radial slot, the frame of which is decorated with 1-3 rolls. They are dated by the second half of the2 - the beginning of the 3 century. In the future the metal plates with two zones of concentric circles are used. Later forms of plaques of the 4 - the beginning of the 5 century are presented by decorations with cross-flow plates.

Keywords: chronology, ethnic and cultural contacts, Koshibeevsky burial, plate plaques

Article reference:
Stavitsky V.V., Stavitsky A.V. Pectorals of Koshibeevsky burial // History and archeology. 2015. № 1 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://history.snauka.ru/en/2015/01/1358

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