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Solyanichenko Alexander Nikolayevich
Saratov State Agrarian University
candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor

The second indisputable Zemsky Sobor reign of Ivan IV, was convened by the Emperor in the summer 1566 Meeting the king to his subjects well consecrated in the national historical science. Some scientists saw him as a meeting - place of the government with their agents in the field. Others thought that the summer 1566, Ivan Vasilyevich had conferred with the envoys representing the interests of their estates. Still others believe that the nobles, knights, «best sales people in Moscow» - the elected relevant social groups. But all agree on one thing: in 1566, they advise the king to fight; put up with king Sigismund Augustus. Meanwhile, alternative, where there is a fork in the road, passed by the Kremlin to 28 June 1566 Negotiations with the king's men safely pass the king. That is, 28 June 1566, there is no space Council. Decision originally made by John, and Zemsky Sobor 1566 can be only one: to legitimize it.

Keywords: 1566 г.

Article reference:
Solyanichenko A.N. Zemsky Sobor in 1566 as a legitimization tool // History and archeology. 2014. № 2 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://history.snauka.ru/en/2014/02/880

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