Author: Соляниченко Александр Николаевич

Articles of the author in journal «History and archeology»

Solyanichenko A.N. Судебник 1497 года

№ 8 December 2013

Solyanichenko A.N., Shaimerden G.I. К вопросу о влиянии Золотой Орды

№ 2 February 2014

Solyanichenko A.N. Земский собор 1566 г. как инструмент легитимизации

№ 2 February 2014

Solyanichenko A.N. Эволюция stilum moribus, modus operandi, принятых в Московском государстве в результате областных реформ Избранной Рады

№ 3 March 2014

Articles of the author in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Solyanichenko A.N. The heresy of the Judaisers and princely power

May, 2013

Solayanichenko A.N. Divide and conquer as a method of state policy concerning the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Russia of the XVI century

November, 2013

Solyanichenko A.N. Accommodation chosen thousands and County noble society of the Moscow Kingdom in the second half of the XVI century

February, 2014

Solyanichenko A.N. Struggle for power in the early years of the reign of Fyodor Ivanovich

May, 2014